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Operational Disaster Recovery


The frequency and severity of catastrophic storms have been on increase over the past decade. The scale of damages can often have schools and other property owners scrambling for emergency resources.

If struck by a catastrophic event, public entities must regain operational status as quickly as possible. Not only for business purposes — in many cases the use of public facilities will play a crucial role in community relief efforts.

NAS/Agility Operational Disaster recovery provides entity access to vital resources such as power generators, fuel, mobile offices/computing, satellite internet and phone connectivity — usually within 24/48 hours after notification. North American Solutions clients are automatically provided access to NAS/Agility resources. Recovery resource costs are typically paid via your Extra Expense limits provided in your Property coverage.

Agility’s full suite of solutions includes:

  • Planning — Build, execute, and share audit-ready plans easily with an embedded consultant to guide you through the process.
  • Incident Manager — Agility Incident Manager is the purpose-built solution from the leader in business continuity solutions—powering a rapid, coordinated incident response. Activate priorities identified with Agility Planner, rally the troops, and communicate with a single touch. From start to finish, you’ve got the capabilities to just Incident Manager and go.
  • Emergency Alerts & Notifications — Easily send bi-directional mass emergency messages to employees, tenants, students, and staff.
  • Contact Tracing — Manage COVID-19 health safety and streamline your return to office processes.
  • Testing — Ensure your plan performs flawlessly with guided best practices led by Agility's experts.
  • Training — Educate your team and ensure they know how to respond to different scenarios.
  • ReadyFinancial+ — A premier purpose-built solution in branch recovery for banks and credit unions to help overcome disruption, protect operations, strengthen compliance, and bolster resilience with managed testing including an audit-ready report and comprehensive and customizable branch recovery options.
  • Data Recovery — Access your data and eliminate downtime with Agility's comprehensive data service.