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School Bus Driver Training



School bus drivers work in a mobile, dynamic environment. Traffic, routes, weather, and student distraction can all affect driver performance. We entrust our children to their care, and want to ensure they have the best training available. PCAT Driver Training provides school-based bus and car driver education to help drivers improve and maintain the highest standard in school transportation.


On-Site Training

Annual driver classes at the district provide the foundation for improving and maintaining driver safety.

DVD Curriculum

Driver training includes 25 DVDs of training materials to give Transportation Directors an
on-going source of training materials. For additional copies of the Bus Driver’s Guide Call or Contact Us.

Fleet Training Library

PCAT Members have access to an extensive film library dedicated to enhancing the training of your
drivers. All videos are available for a free 30-day loan.

School Bus Driver Training Course Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions about the revised & expanded PCAT School Bus Driver Training Course.

Q: Who did you ship this to?
A: It was addressed to your school district’s PCAT Member Representative, with the request that it be forwarded to the Transportation Department.

Q: Will I get a bill? Do I have to pay for this?
A: Absolutely not. This course is being provided as a value-added service of your PCAT program. All that PCAT asks is that you use and benefit from it.

Q: How does this one compare to the one PCAT sent us several years ago?
A: This program is a completely revised and expanded version of that one. It replaces that one. The 15 modules of that program have been completely re-scripted and re-filmed, and ten new modules have been added.

Q: What do I do with the old one?
A: This is a replacement program. The next time your PCAT Loss Prevention Specialist visits you, they will collect that old one.

Q: Who does the course belong to?
A: Your school district, as long as they remain a member of PCAT.

Q: Can I print copies of the Study Guide, so each of my drivers can have a hard copy?
A: Yes. PCAT’s purchase of the program includes the rights to do that, so long as you only print enough copies for your own employees’ use.

Q: Can I get an electronic copy of the Study Guide?
A: Yes. A PDF version of the Study Guide is available, at no cost to you. Please contact your Loss Prevention Specialist, or write to [email protected].   

Q: Can I put the content of the discs on our school’s intranet, so it can be accessed from other locations within our school district?
A: No. No part of the program may be copied or stored electronically, except the Study Guide. All copyrights remain with School Bus Safety Company. But if you’re interested in purchasing an additional copy of the course for a second transportation location, PCAT can help with discounted pricing. Please contact your Loss Prevention Specialist, or write to [email protected].