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PCAT was created to provide Member districts with a strategy to achieve the lowest long-term cost
for property and casualty coverage via multi-year membership, rate and coverage stability, proactive
loss prevention, and cash dividends.


PCAT provides multi-year risk management solutions for over 130 Texas school districts. With
over $28 Million in annual Member contributions, PCAT is the largest school risk program in the
country devoted exclusively to property and casualty exposures.


PCAT is a Member owned-and-governed program. Member districts elect a five-Member Board of
their peers to provide program governance ensuring the program is consistently aligned with the
best interests of Member districts.


PCAT’s non-profit status ensures that any program funds not necessary for program operations are
dispersed to Members via cash dividends. Since 2009, PCAT has returned over $11,000,000 in
cash dividends to Texas classrooms.


Formed under the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code, the
PCAT Interlocal Agreement enables Members to benefit from cost-saving multi-year agreements
while meeting Texas Education Code section 44.031 Purchasing Contracts requirements.

Board of Trustees

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